Importing attributes, no values - Little help?

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Valentina Baiamonte

Mar 3, 2022, 10:14:57 AM3/3/22
to visone-users

I'm trying to import my CSV file with the attributes of a directed network (supply chains of 16 food companies); however, Visone does not seem to recognise any value from the imported file. I tried different encoding in Visone, I saved the file in CSV, CSV UTF-8, but no luck. Any suggestion? I'm attaching the file with the attributes and the edgelist too in case anyone tries to replicate the issue. 

Thank you for your help.
Suppliers_CMI_all dataset.csv

Müller Julian

Mar 7, 2022, 8:40:57 AM3/7/22
Hi Valentina,

I was able to import the network as follows:
1. I loaded the edge list (making sure commas are interpreted as separators during CSV parsing).
2. I opened the attribute manager and selected "import & export" (left) and "node" (top) and selected the node attribute CSV file for import.
3. In the options dialog that opened afterwards, I made the following configurations:
a) Again, I used commas as CSV separators.
b) I set the textframe option to use " as quotation marker.
c) At the top, in the joining attribute column, I made sure that the network attribute "name" is joined with the file attribute "name".

My initial guess is that you accidentally missed to do step 3c). If you don't do this, then visone tries to join the network attribute "id" with the file attribute "name". But "id" is a numerical attribute that visone generated automatically unrelated to the original attribute "name", so joining "id" with "name" just does nothing.

Visone might add some weird characters in front of the attribute's identifier "name". These are remnants of the BOM (byte order mark). To remove this, you can either edit the attribute's identifier in the load options dialog (at the top of the table), edit the attribute name afterwards in the attribute dialog, or save the files without BOM.

Best wishes,

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