network density measure in a valued graph

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Simona Z.

Nov 15, 2022, 5:04:28 AM11/15/22
to visone-users

I have a quick question: How does Visone calculate the graph density in a valued graph? Does it treat it as unvalued?

Is there a document or website where the underlying measures are specified?

Kind regards,

Müller Julian

Nov 21, 2022, 6:54:06 AM11/21/22
Hi Simona,

visone calculates the density of a graph as the percentage of occupied dyads (where an undirected edge occupies two dyads, so that we obtain the standard definition of graph density in undirected graphs). So it is treated as unweighted.
Besides, it’s not clear at all how to calculate the density of a weighted graph in the first place. What should be the denominator in this case, if the weights are supposed to be included?

In general, if visone doesn’t ask you to specify a weight or other attribute, then the network is treated as unweighted.

I don’t think there is a website that explains how these measures are calculated by visone. However, the measures generally should be calculated consistently with the traditional definitions. Though sometimes, visone rescales the results (especially centralities) compared to the standard definitions by dividing by the number of nodes (or the number of nodes minus one), but it is easy to undo this transformation.

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