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Maarten Koopmans

Nov 27, 2011, 5:09:56 AM11/27/11
Hi David,

Take a look at the end result of Livecode for mobile deployment - Livecode is the successor (literally the bought assets developed for more than 10 years) and they do a few things right, mostly bringing a Hypercard like environment to Desktop, Web and mobile.

Of course there are flaws, but one thing they do really well is a paid developer support program, which has mailing list that influences product direction.

I'm re-learning Haskell as well (fast than Sanskrit ;-) so it's ugly as well.

Finally check out REBOL and especially their dialecting (the View dialect is a nice example) and (OSS clone). REBOL is a brother of Lisp that is directly based on a denotational semantics where values and their bindings are strictly separated - made by Carl Sassenrath, who did AmigaOS originally....

Let me know if you need more input/help.....


David Pollak

Nov 28, 2011, 11:56:59 AM11/28/11

Thanks for the pointers.

Visi is not going to have Hypercard-like syntax.  I despise the verbosity of HyperTalk.  The syntax is going to be much more like some combination of Excel formula functions, Haskell, and Lotus Improv: concise and expression-like.


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