Vishnu Sahasranama (20/11/2021)

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Nov 19, 2021, 6:00:10 PM11/19/21
459 OM sukha-daaya namaH .
One who gives happiness to good people.
Or one who destroys (dyati) the happiness of evil ones.

995 OM chakriNe namaH .
##(see 908)##
One who sports the discus known as sudarshana, which stands for the principle of the mind.
Or One who turns the wheel of samsaara.
The word 'su-darshana' means that which gives the auspicious vision. The shAstrAs attribute to this Discus-Divine the representation of the human mind.

727 OM savaaya namaH .
He Who is of the nature of the sava (yaGYa).
Or, that yaGYa in which Soma juice (Soma=Cynanchum viminale) is squeezed.

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