Vishnu Sahasranama (27/11/2021)

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Nov 26, 2021, 6:00:12 PM11/26/21
669 OM brahma-GYaaya namaH .
One who knows (GYaa) the vedas (brahma) which are born of Himself.
One Who lives ever in brahmaaN, and so knows the nature of the brahmaaN. He, the Lord, being the very brahmaaN, no one knows His nature as He Himself can. The 'waker' alone knows the waking -- the 'dreamer' and the 'sleeper' can never realize and experience the waking-state until they 'become' the 'waker'.

14 OM purushhaaya namaH .
(note sh is pronounced as in श and shh is pronounced as ष)
One who abides in the body or pura.
Mahabharata shantiparva says:
nava-dvAraM puraM puNyaM etir bhAvaiH samanvitaM
vyApya sEte mahAtmA yaH tasmAt purushha ucyate.
- "The great being resides in and pervades the mansion of the body, having all the features described before and provided with nine gateways; because of this He is called purushha." Or by interpreting the word as purA Asit, the word can be given the meaning of 'one who existed always'. Or it can mean one who is pUrNa, perfect; or one who makes all things pUrita i.e., filled by pervading them.
The Mahabharata Udyogaparva says: "pUrNAt sadanAt caIva tatOsau purushottamaH" - He is called purushhottama, because he fills everything and sustains them all.

768 OM chatur-gataye namaH .
One who is sought as the end by the four Orders of life and four varNaas ordained by the scriptures.
Quiz- What are the "Orders of life" mentioned here? 4 aashramas

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