Vishnu Sahasranama (28/11/2021)

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Nov 27, 2021, 6:00:12 PM11/27/21
47 OM hRishhii-keshaaya namaH .
(note sh is pronounced as in श and shh is pronounced as ष)
The master of the senses (hRishhIkas); or He under whose control the senses subsist. Another meaning is He whose kEsha (hair) consisting of the rays of the sun and the moon, gives joy (harshha) to the world. The shruti says: sUrya-rashmir harikeshaH purastAt - the rays of the sun, which is harikeshaH (the hair of hari).

631 OM vi-shokaaya namaH .
One who, being of the nature of bliss, is free from all sorrow.

342 OM anukuulaaya namaH .
One who, being the aatman of all beings, is favourable to all, for no one will act against oneself.

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