Vishnu Sahasranama (12/11/2021)

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Nov 11, 2021, 6:00:13 PM11/11/21
858 OM dhanur-vedaaya namaH .
He who as the same rAmA, the son of dasharatha, was the master of the science of archery.
Quiz- there are two dasha's in rAmAyaNA- dasha-ratha and dasha-kaNTha. What is the difference between them?
dasha-ratha: one who his 10 senses in control.
dasha-kaNTha: one who displays his ego by all 10 senses.

967 OM bhur-bhuvaH-svastarave namaH .
The three vyaahRtis - bhuuh, bhuvah, svah -- are said to be the essence of the vEdAs. Doing fire-sacrifices with these, men transcend the three worlds. So the Lord is known by these three syllables.
(vyaahRtis means the mystical utterance of the names - a mantra. In lalitA sahasra nama, nama # 421 is vhaahRti - She who presides over the power of speech.)
Manu says: The oblations put in the fire reach the sun. From the sun comes the rain. From rain food grows. From food beings are born.
Or bhuuh, bhuvah, svah, stand for the three worlds constituting the tree of samsaara. It is the Lord who has manifested as that tree.

561 OM vanamaaline namaH .
One who wears the floral garland (vanamaala) called vaijayanti, which consists of the categories of five Elements.

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