Vishnu Sahasranama (8/11/2021)

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Nov 7, 2021, 6:00:11 PM11/7/21
36 OM iishvaraaya namaH .
One who has unlimited lordliness or power over all things. 'esha sarveshavaraH', says Mandokopanishad.

633 OM archishhmate namaH .
He by whose rays of light (archis), the sun, the moon and other bodies are endowed with rays of light.

724 OM shata-aananaaya namaH .
He is called one with a hundred (shata) faces (aanan) to indicate that He has several forms.
'viShvam', this whole universe, also is His form with countless faces.
Note that in sanskrit, shata (100) and sahasra (1000) are used metaphorically for a countless number. So, when someone blesses us as 'shatamaanaM bhavatii aka Ayushmaan bhava', it means, live a very long life, especially, with all faculties functioning. :)

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