Vishnu Sahasranama (4/11/2021)

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Nov 3, 2021, 7:00:11 PM11/3/21
827 OM sapta-jihvaaya namaH .
The Lord in his manifestation as Fire is conceived as having seven tongues of flame.
Mundaka Upanishad 1.2.4 says- Fire has seven flaming tongues- kAlii, karAlii, manojavA, sulohitA, sudhUmravarnA, sphulinginii and vishvaruchii.

323 OM apaaM nidhaye namaH .
apaaM (water) nidhi (collection / gathering)
The word means collectivity of water or the ocean.
The bhagavadgita 10.24 says: 'sarasaam asmi saagarah' - among all the pools of water, I am samudra or ocean. The Lord of called by that name because the ocean is the one of His special manifestations.

388 OM dhruvaaya namaH .
One who is indestructible.
The stable; the Firm. That which remains the changeless in the midst of all perishing.
The body, the mind and the intellect and the worlds interpreted by them are all variables and changeable. The consciousness which illumintes all of them and makes us aware of them is indeed, the changeless.

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