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Jul 3, 2015, 6:38:30 AM7/3/15

I work for Mozilla and I'm trying to test a fix for a very common Firefox crash caused by a piece of adware.
I noticed there is a sample on your site that might contain the adware installer. How can I download this adware EXE? I created a public account & tried using the API but I got error 403.

The adware in question has the following SHA256 hash: 09b534284889825741172937b71f37f5d28c9cefd1b9b90502c28fab204ee6f9 It's called PUA.Win32.Montiera, PUP.Optional.PayByAds.A, etc

Is there someone I can talk to at VirusTotal? I can contact you from my email address if that helps.

Thank you,


Emiliano Martinez

Jul 3, 2015, 6:40:42 AM7/3/15
Hello Vlad,

Malware sample downloading is only possible via the (vetted) private services, I believe I have already addressed the sharing via your email to contact at virustotal . com


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