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Dec 5, 2005, 7:37:25 AM12/5/05
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I'm working on a server evaluation process and am looking for any
valuable feedback.

Here is the background and some of my objectives:
I'm interested in virtualizing a large set of servers in two data
centers. The data centers are scheduled to be shut down within the
year and all servers must be migrated to new locations. I would like
to use various virtualization technologies to virtualize and
consolidate as many servers as possible in a logical way, then migrate
them to the new location.

To develop a repeatable and effective process to evaluate a
heterogeneous pool of servers as candidates for a set of virtualization

1.) The process should be automated where feasible.
2.) The process should be implemented via excel for now
3.) The process should give a percentage of servers that can be
4.) For each server, the process should identify which virtualization
technology could be used to virtualize it.
5.) For each virtualization technology, the process should produce a
list of individual servers that can be virtualized using this

I'd like to collaborate with anyone willing to in order to create this
process or if anyone knows of something similar, I'd like to know about

Alessandro Perilli

Dec 15, 2005, 1:39:52 PM12/15/05
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I'm sorry you still received no answer on this.

Frankly I'm afraid you asked for an hard and very time consuming job,
tipical offered by consulting companies.
Is difficult someone will share this kind of process for free.


Alessandro Perilli

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