OS Partitioning vs Virtualization aka Virtuozzo against VMware (and others)

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Alessandro Perilli [GMail]

Feb 27, 2006, 7:17:07 AM2/27/06
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Hi everybody.

First of all thank you for joining this mailing list. It's completely quite
even if there are 87 suscribers till now.
It's quite obvious since VMware forums and Microsoft newsgroups permit
almost free discussions on their virtualization products and competing ones.

I'm here to ask your opinion:
John Troyer, from VMware, read my review of SWsoft Virtuozzo for Windows
html), and, I'm sure without any malicious intent, asked the question:

"In your opinion, in what circumstances -- which apps, which deployment
configurations -- does it make sense to use SWsoft vs a full machine
virtualization a la VMware?"

I think it's a very good question and took me some days to elaborate an
I usually hear Virtuozzo is better for ISP, but I'm unhappy to adopt such a
conclusion without supporting it with valid points (saying so just because
it makes sense).
So I answered:

"I believe the biggest point is performances: my review doesn't cover
performances tests so we cannot tell if VMware-like virtualization layers
degrade perfomances more or less than Virtuozzo.

Another point is price: while is true that VMware is going to released
"Server" for free, it doesn't provide a P2V solution at a cheap price as
Virtuozzo actually does.

Finally I expect some users could find Virtuozzo way of creating VPS a bit
easier than handling virtual hardware (even if I feel this a minor point of

Now, I'd really like to hear other opinions.
What do you think about it?

Thank you

Alessandro Perilli, CISSP, MVP

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