vIRC on my 486DX4/100 w. Win98SE

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Michael Lackner

Nov 30, 2012, 5:22:29 PM11/30/12
I was just looking for IRC clients that I could install on my i486DX4/100 machine. Previously I had Debian 4.0 Lenny set up on it (partially dist-upgraded to 6.0 Squeeze) running X-Chat. But that was all far too slow, any my Linux on 486 experiments were done anyway, so I switched to Win98SE and gave the box a Voodoo 1 card for games.

Well, I could not find a proper IRC client though. X-Chat SE/WDK/Hexchat weren't available for Win98, and Nettalks rendering is far too slow. On my local RAID-6 software archive I found a file from the stoneage, Looked good, so I got the newest version 2.0 now, including the latest updates.

I can say, this is the only client I found that works really well on such an ancient machine, cool stuff, thanks for developing this client!!

Working like a charm on:

ASUS PCI/I486SP3G w. 256kB L2 P.b. Cache
Intel 486DX4-S 100MHz (SL-enhanced)
128MB FPM-DRAM (64M cached, maximum cacheable area)
Adaptec AHA-29160N U160 SCSI
Seagate Cheetah 10.000rpm U160 SCSI drive
Matrox Millennium II PCI
Win98 SE

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