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May 9, 2022, 1:24:37 PMMay 9
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I’m thinking I might have to call AT&T for my answers, but since I kind of hate making those types of phone calls, I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask my questions here first.


As I’ve mentioned previously, since I don’t have a separate internet service, I have two separate phone lines. I believe that I also mentioned recently that, off and on, I’m currently switching among four iPhones, two that have 5G capability and two that do not.


Anyway, first, have any of you with AT&T who move your SIM card from a 5G to a 4G phone, or perhaps even move the SIM from one phone of whatever type to another, found when checking your data usage that your data plan has been deactivated and a new one started each time the SIM is swapped? To be clear, it doesn’t change my bill amount at all, but it sure makes it hard to use the *3282# to check data usage when you see one data amount being used and then deactivated for the rest.


And second and speaking of the *3282#, if any of you have two or more cell lines with AT&T and dial that number, do you still get the information for all your lines or just for the number of the line that you’re calling on? I used to get the info for both of my lines, but now I only get it for whichever number I happen to be calling from.


Thanks in advance for any responses, and I hope my questions make at least some sense.

joseph hudson

May 10, 2022, 12:26:38 AMMay 10
to vip...@googlegroups.com
Hello, yes your questions makes sense. However, we will be all of questions to ask AT&T. Especially invert comes to your data. I don't think that that should have any issue. And whatever is going on with that phone number.

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