iPad mini with thumb drives, useful for anything besides photos?

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Mary Otten

Sep 25, 2021, 10:56:58 AMSep 25
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I am intrigued by the most recently released iPad mini, but I am not intrigued by the fact that the entry-level model has just 64 GB, and then you have to pay a whopping $150 more to get 256 GB. No 128, a blatant and obvious upsell if ever there was one.

I know you can access thumb drives with the Files app. But I haven’t heard of any of the apps that we would be more likely to use, such as voice dream, audible, Bard mobile, Ha ha ha, actually being able to take advantage of such a facility. I would like to be able to download things right onto a thumb drive. I am pretty sure that’s not possible. But I would like to be wrong. At the very least, if there were a way to download a bunch of stuff onto a thumb drive via a PC and then easily transfer that on to the iPad as necessary, that would work. But of course the other way would be more convenient. Does anybody have any experience here?

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Richard Turner

Sep 25, 2021, 12:09:27 PMSep 25
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HI Mary,

Well, on my SE 2020, the adapter works great for Voice Dream Reader for anything you want. Obviously, Bookshare is easiest gotten directly.
But, if you put zipped audio files, word files, mp3 files, anything VDR will read, you can download them from the USB Drive by using his File Browser and making sure to start at the top of the structure so you have the list of locations rather than being in the last one you had used. It is nice that it remembers though, so once you download from a thumb drive, the next time you select File Browser from the Add menu, you are on your thumb drive.

I've heard you can do this with BARD from Dropbox, but I have no idea. I tried downloading a BARD book onto the drive, but again, it will be far easier to do that through the app. Especially now that their library is on the cloud. Downloads are extremely fast.

I wouldn't think Audible would ever be that flexible.

Which Mini do you have now?

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