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Johna Gravitt

Jun 20, 2022, 5:10:50 PMJun 20


I am looking for a specific type of headset and was wondering what suggestions you may have:

See below for what I’m looking for

Multi point connection via usb dongle and Bluetooth

I want to be able to hear jaws on my laptop and answer teams calls.  I want to be able

To  also use my iPhone with it including hearing voice over at the same time but in one ear while laptop is in another.

Right now the set up I have is close.

I’m using a Plantronics over ear head set that has a usb dongle for my laptop and connect to my phone as well, but it has issues and I never hear voice over through it unless the usb dongle is not connected to my laptop.  The other issue is that it’s not simultaneous and I’d like to hear both at the same time.

Lastly, the headset I have now is a bit heavy for all day use.

I am absolutely looking for hands free and a decent range

Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Richard Turner

Jun 20, 2022, 7:08:41 PMJun 20

I have never seen a headset that you can have two sources at the same time.

Perhaps some models of professional office headsets would allow that, I don’t know.

Have you checked with any of the popular manufacturers, like Plantronics or Logitech?




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