Mark's First iPad Restore with iTunes 12.10 for Windows

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M. Taylor

Sep 26, 2021, 8:35:24 PMSep 26
Hello Everyone,

Well, I must admit, to my utter surprise, I am delighted with the apps and
data that were restored to my beloved iPad Pro via iTunes 12.10 for Windows.

A week ago, I thought I had cracked the display on my iPad Pro 10.5, 2017,
which was running a beta version of iPad OS 15.

The device is out of warranty. However, since it has a physical home button
with Touch ID, I decided to take it to the Apple Store and have the display
repaired / exchange the iPad for a comparable device paying the
out-of-warranty repair / replacement fee of $449.

Some of you may recall that it was not until just a few weeks ago that I
discovered a 32-bit version of iTunes, that is compatible with Windows 7 and
8, that would allow me to manage devices running recent versions of iOS and
iPad OS. I downloaded this version of iTunes from the Apple support site.

In preparation for taking my iPad to the Apple Store, I prepared the iPad
Making an iCloud backup.
Making a fully encrypted backup of the iPad to my Windows PC via iTunes for
Windows 12.10.
Signing out of all accounts and erasing all personal data.

As it turned out, it was not the display, itself, that was cracked but
merely the screen protector. What a relief.

As I wanted to remove the device from the beta program immediately, and
given that I was not content to simply remove the beta software profile and
wait for a newer commercial version of iPad OS to be released, in order to
replace the beta, I knew I would have to install a fresh copy of iPad OS 15
via either iTunes 12.10.x for Windows or Finder.

Now keep in mind that this was to be the first time I had performed a system
restore since I gave up on iTunes for Business 12.6 which, as you may also
recall, was the last version to include the App Store in the UI.

My point? I had no real idea of what, exactly, would be restored to the
iPad from the iTunes 12.10 encrypted backup.

When I restarted my iPAd after the restoration and subsequent iTunes for
windows synchronization process, I was amazed to see that virtually
everything was as it should be in terms of apps and app settings.

Now of course there were a few apps that did not retain my login credentials
but these were those that were configured to use Touch ID.

I was most relieved to discover that all of my Home Screen web bookmarks
were restored.

So, all and all, I would say that even though the App Store is no longer
included in the iTunes for Windows UI, the backups made in iTunes for
Windows is pretty comprehensive.

Well done, Apple, well done.


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