Annoying Bug With the "Next Keyboard" Button for Text Entry in iOS 13.2

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David Goldfield

Oct 30, 2019, 5:59:19 PM10/30/19


On the positive side I am thrilled that Flicktype's functionality has been restored to VoiceOver users as a third party keyboard in iOS 13.2. However, there is an annoying issue on my iPhone 8 which I have discovered that I wanted to mention. I plan to email Apple Accessibility about this but if others are affected by this issue I'd like to encourage them to do so as well.

When I bring up a text entry field with the standard English keyboard the "next keyboard" button reports something like "next keyboard, emoji." Double tapping this button switches to the emoji keyboard, as expected. I then hear "next keyboard, Flicktype" but double tapping the button does not switch to the Flicktype keyboard as it should and is it reliably did in iOS 12. Instead, it stays on the emoji keyboard. As a workaround if I double tap and hold the button it does seem to switch over to using Flicktype. I'm wondering if other Flicktype users are able to confirm this?

David Goldfield, Assistive Technology Specialist JAWS Certified: 2019 WWW.David-Goldfield.Com

Cris Ali

Oct 30, 2019, 10:13:52 PM10/30/19

A friend of mine using iPhone told me that her iPhone has the same problem. She finds it hard to switch among the three keyboards she has.





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Sieghard Weitzel

Oct 31, 2019, 12:31:09 AM10/31/19

The easiest way to switch keyboards is to double tap and  hold, then drag your finger up to the keyboard you want and let go.

I could swear that I remember from the June keynote when iOS 13 was introduced  that there was supposed to be a separate button to engage the emoji keyboard in iOS 13. I would really welcome this, I could simply use the keyboard button to switch between my two keyboards, English and German, and use the dedicated emoji button if I wanted to grab an emoji. I also think there should be a way to insert an emoji and have the keyboard revert back to whatever you were using before without having to do so manually.

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