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Sarah Clark

May 8, 2022, 1:17:41 AMMay 8
I know that years ago iTunes was not very accessible on a Windows PC. Is
this still the case, or has accessibility improved? I'm using NVDA.

Also, if I wanted to watch a movie on my PC that I bought through
iTunes, can it be watched directly through iTunes or would I need to
download some app in order to watch it on the PC? (needless to say, I
have no experience with iTunes on a computer so unsure what is involved....)



Joshua Hendrickson

May 8, 2022, 1:48:44 AMMay 8
Hi Sarah. I also use NVDA and I am able to use iTunes. I have no
idea how it would work, but I'm sure that if you bought a movie and
wanted to watch it on iTunes, you could do it directly through the
program. How accessible the program is at doing this, I have no idea.
I use iTunes to copy ringtones to my iPhone and also, transfer zipped
folders of audio book series to voice dream reader. Itunes isn't the
most accessible program I've ever used, but I can use it. I haven't
tried out a lot of stuff with it, but I can use it for the things I
want to use it for.
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Joshua Hendrickson

Joshua Hendrickson

Richard Turner

May 8, 2022, 11:21:49 AMMay 8
It is still tedious with Windows, but better than it used to be.

As for movies ... Playing movies in iTunes on the PC is not for the faint of heart.

If you have a movie with video description, be sure that under iTunes settings on the Playback tab, the checkbox for Play Audio Description when available is checked. Open setting with Control+apostrophe and tab to the General tab, then right arrow or press control+tab to go toplayback settings. Tab to that checkbox and make sure it is checked.

Tab to OK and hit enter when done.

In the main iTunes window, tab to the music button and press space and arrow down to Movies and press enter.

Here is the part that requires patience.
After selecting movies, tab and you will go through the following:
Library radio button checked
Unwatched radio button not checked
Store radio button not checked
Library Sidebar Tree view
Things change depending on which one of the choices above are checked, I leave mine on Library. When you get to the Library side bar, you can arrow up and down through how you want your movies organized. Things like:
Home Videos
Recently Added

Once you are on the one you want, tab through:
Movie Playlists Button
Show Button
When you get to Table, for me it is showing as a grid. I think that is the default.
Now, depending on how many movies you have, you can right arrow through the first row, then I would left arrow back to the first one, then down arrow to row two, and again right arrow through that row.

Of course, you could also down arrow at the end of row 1 and then left arrow back through row 2.
Once you find the movie you want to play, press shift+f10 or your context menu key and you have choices:
Context Menu
Mark as Unwatched
Add to Playlist sub menu
Play "movie title"
Movie Info
Uncheck Selection
Show in iTunes Store
Delete from Library

Obviously, you want to play the movie.
Hit enter on Play.
Once it starts playing, the spacebar will pause and you can tab through the following:
play Button
next Button
Play iTunes Extras Button
full screen Button
left right slider
0.3 percent
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
volume left right slider
87 percent
previous Button
Then back to the play Button

I hope that helps.


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