How do I answer a second call?

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May 6, 2022, 10:27:40 AMMay 6



If I’m already in a call, and I receive another call, what should I do to answer the second call?


I have iPhone SE 20 latest iOS version.


Bill Gallik

May 6, 2022, 12:21:31 PMMay 6
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Sorry to say, there is not a particularly efficient way to do this - at least that I know of anyway.

One option you may want to start with is to make sure that the number pad is “hidden” in the Phone app.  If you focus on the phone app during a call immediately it will help matters quite a lot - if the keypad is displayed there will be a “Hide” button, that should be activated.  The result is a dialog that will include options including a “Hold and Accept” button, activating that button while a second call is coming will let you take the new call while placing the current call on hold.  It would be a good idea to let the person on the original call that you are placing him/her on hold — just a courtesy.  There will be additional button on this new dialog, but I don’t quite remember exactly how they read, but I assure you they are labeled such that it will be plain what they will do.

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Sieghard Weitzel

May 6, 2022, 12:31:41 PMMay 6

I would like to add to this that when a second call comes in I never had to worry about hiding the keypad, it seems that the buttons like are always right there front and centre. Apart from a Hold and Accept button you also have one called End and Accept and this does what it says, it ends the current call and answers the next. Lastly there would be the “Message” button which brings up your list of 3 predefined messages and you can tap on one of these to send to the second caller.


If you do tell the first caller to hold so you can take the other call and then tap on Hold and Accept you then still have to switch back to the first call. When you are done talking to the second caller there will be a button on the screen, can’t remember exactly what it says, but I think it starts with the word “Selected” and then possibly “Hold”, you have to tap that to reconnect to caller 1. Here you may end up having to hide the keypad if that is what you have on the screen.


Of course if you use a headset you can simply press the answer button and it will put caller 1 on hold and connect to caller 2. Just be careful when you want to switch back, pressing the answer button will do this, but if the second caller hangs up fast then pressing the answer button may hang up on caller one.

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