Problem with iPhone 13 on speaker phone?

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Jun 20, 2022, 10:43:58 AMJun 20
Has anyone with the iPhone 13 had trouble with folks hearing them due to the
phone cutting out when they had the caller on speaker phone? I've seen the
issue mentioned a few times when doing a Google search, but I've missed it
if it was brought up on the list before since I pretty much never put the
phone on speaker when I'm on a call.

As I mentioned a while back, I took advantage of the deal from Walmart at
Thanksgiving and purchased an iPhone 13 and an iPhone 13 Mini, getting the
$300 Walmart gift card for each purchase. Anyway, I tried hard to like the
iPhone 13, especially because of its better battery life, but it was just
bigger than I liked, so I wound up making a deal with my sister in-law to
let her buy the phone from me at a much-reduced price, what with being
family and all.

When she got the phone set up, though, she said folks were telling her that
the phone kept cutting out while she was talking and thus they couldn't
understand a lot of what she was saying. Now, as my subject line implied,
she was indeed using the phone on speaker phone, as that is how she
primarily uses her phones, while I almost never use the speaker phone when
I'm talking with someone. And in fact, when she's called me on the 13, the
phone often has cut out and I've had to ask her to repeat things, but I
could hear her just fine without any problems when I've ask her to take me
off speaker phone.

She's talked with Apple a few times and even had the occasion to go to an
Apple store yesterday and they ran some tests on the phone and told her that
everything seemed fine with the phone and suggested it might be a carrier
problem. Then on the other hand, her carrier, AT&T, referred her back to

She is just about to the point where she says she's going to ask AT&T to
switch things back so she can use her iPhone 8 Plus which worked just fine
on speaker phone and give me back the iPhone 13. I would really hate for her
to do that as she would lose the newer phone as well as have to go back to a
64 GB phone as opposed to the 128 GB of the 13. But AT&T says they can't
help, and seeing as the nearest Apple store is almost 100 miles away from
us, she can't really keep going there either. I do still have the AppleCare
Plus monthly subscription on that phone, as I wanted to make sure things
were working correctly for her before letting that go, which I guess could
be a good thing if she really does give me the phone back and I of course
refund the small amount we both agreed she would pay for it.


Vicky Collins

Jul 2, 2022, 11:19:39 AMJul 2
to VIPhone

I'm replying to my own message here, and I've never replied on the web before, so I'm not sure how it is going to turn out. But in the end, as my sister in-law just couldn't get folks to hear her on the speaker phone of the iPhone 13, she gave it back to me yesterday, so now I'm trying to decide just what to do, and I haven't refunded her the $40 yet since I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I could call Apple and probably, with some luck, get them to replace the phone, but then I'm afraid another phone would still have the same problem as indicated from various Google search results. Since I do want her to have something other than the 8 Plus, as that phone is getting a little older now, I've considered either looking for a used iPhone 12 or perhaps waiting till the new iPhones come out and trading in the iPhone 13 with Apple for a 14 for her, but I'm just not sure. Actually, as these were options she herself would've had, and I did mention them to her, I was kind of surprised she just handed me back an $800 phone and talked about me selling it or doing whatever. But oh, well, I guess I'll figure out something.
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