Use bar cursor outside of gvim (send t_SI) in visual/select mode when selection=exclusive

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Kyle Marek

Jun 14, 2022, 7:45:12 PMJun 14

I like the behavior of gvim using a bar cursor during visual/select mode
when selection=exclusive and a block cursor when selection=inclusive.

I recently stumbled across the t_SI, t_SR, and t_EI options for changing
cursor shape when running vim in another terminal. That made me realize
that it should be possible to get the same behavior outside of gvim
(depending on terminal support), but the only option I was able to
locate for controlling cursor shape for visual mode is guicursor, which
only affects the gvim terminal.

Is there an existing option to use a bar cursor (and highlight the
character at the cursor position when on the left corner of the
selection) when selection=exclusive outside of gvim?

If there is not an existing option, would such a proposal be interesting?

If there is interest in this idea, could anyone give me pointers to
relevant locations in source code, and maybe I could try to implement it?

Thank you,
Kyle Marek
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