Vim 9 still under development; Kibaale Walk

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Bram Moolenaar

May 31, 2021, 12:50:10 PM5/31/21

Hello Vim users!

The work on Vim 9 is making progress. Most of the syntax has settled
down, but there are still a few todo items and we need to make sure
everything works well before we can launch it. You can read more about
it in the Vim9 help:

It's hard to plan this, best I can say is that it still takes a few
months. Once we release it we want to stay backwards compatible again,
so as not to break your Vim 9 plugins. We better make sure we get it
right, rather than rushing it out.

About Vim's charity: In the last report I mentioned that the small
clinic in Kibaale has been turned into a small hospital. Especially
aimed at pregnant women, many babies have been born there in the past
year. The increase in services provided also means the cost of keeping
the clinic running has increased quite a lot.

To be able to keep providing the health care our partner Kuwasha is
organizing the Kibaale Walk fundraiser. Have a look at this video:
Find out more on this page:

Happy Vimming!

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