darkblue colors all changed in the most recent release?

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Daniel Ellard

Aug 30, 2022, 7:53:27 PM8/30/22
to vim_mac

I don't know whether this change was introduced by an update to macOS Monterey, or a new update to vim (which I installed/updated using macports), but the color schemes I use (most frequently dark blue) have changed dramatically.  Does anyone know how to revert the change?

It's vim 9.0.65, and MacOS 12.4.

When I change my path to use /usr/bin/vim instead (8.2.4113) the colors are what I expect.

I attached some screen shots to show the difference: it's not just the background colors; they all seem to have changed.

Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 12.57.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-30 at 12.58.01 PM.png

Tony Mechelynck

Aug 30, 2022, 8:33:52 PM8/30/22
to vim_mac

According to $VIMRUNTIME/colors/darkblue.vim (as of Vim 9.0.337) line 7, that colorscheme was last updated on 23 August 2022. That's quite recent, considering that that same Vim's $VIMRUNTIME/doc/help.txt (the default helpfile, as :help [with no arguments] displays it) was last changed on 13 May and that Vim 9.0 itself (i.e. Vim 9.0.0) is supposed to have been published on 28 June as shown on top of the :version screen.

Considering the above, I suppose that the colorscheme's author decided to make it "better" about a week ago and that the change ended up in the official Vim distribution. That author's name and email address are also mentioned at the top of that colorscheme source. I would have added him as Cc to the present answer (which IMO belongs in the vim_use group, as it is not specific to "only" Mac versions of Vim) except that I don't find in this Google Group webmail window how to set that. You might want to write to him yourself to know why he did it. My guess is that some highlight groups had been "forgotten" in the previous version of the colorscheme (for instance Normal set to lightgrey on black when 'background' is "dark", instead of being set to white on darkblue as "desired") and that he added those "missing" groups, defining them the way he wanted them.

IOW, I don't think the darkblue colorscheme will revert to what it was before. If you still want that, the way to get it is either to find another colorscheme (or none at all) to suit your tasted better, or to write one yourself, using as examples the various colorschemes distributed with Vim. If you decide to write your own, it will have some name ending in .vim and it should be located in the colors/ subdirectory (which doesn't exist by default but can be created) of either ~/.vim/ or $VIM/vimfiles/.

Best regards,

Yee Cheng Chin

Aug 30, 2022, 9:46:07 PM8/30/22
to vim...@googlegroups.com
There was a recent refactoring and modernization of all the default color schemes in Vim. The goal was to standardize all the color schemes that come bundled with Vim and make sure they make use of all the features and highlight groups and have a consistent way of doing things.

These new colors are now managed under https://github.com/vim/colorschemes. They get routinely merged into the Vim runtime.

In particular, they made a decision to use the GUI versions of the colors as a baseline, and always set the "Normal" colors, including a non-transparent background. This makes the colors behave "as designed" even in terminal, but it does mean that if you are used to the old way (transparent background when used in terminal) it now looks weird. See https://github.com/vim/vim/issues/10449 and the follow-up https://github.com/vim/colorschemes/issues/169.

If you like the old behavior back, you can either set an autocommand to remove the background color (see those linked GitHub issue, or do ":h colorscheme"). Alternatively, you can download the old versions of these color schemes at https://github.com/vim/colorschemes/tree/master/legacy_colors, but this has the caveat that they will not be updated in the future to accommodate new Vim features.

But yes this isn't really related to Vim on Mac. It's a general Vim change.

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