Vim 9.1 has been released

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Christian Brabandt

Jan 2, 2024, 12:46:46 PMJan 2
Dear Vim users,

The Vim project is happy to announce that Vim 9.1 has finally been
released. This release is dedicated to Bram Moolenaar, Vim's lead
developer for more than 30 years, who suddenly passed away in August

The most notable changes are support for Vim9 classes and objects,
smooth scrolling support and virtual text support. And as usual, runtime
files have been updated, many bugs have been fixed and potential
security relevant fixes have been included. You can find the full

I would like to thank everybody who contributed to the project through
patches, translations, bug reporters and everybody else who helped
making this release! We are very grateful for any support.

If you like Vim, you are encouraged to make a donation for needy
children in Uganda. Please visit the ICCF web site for more information:

Thanks and Happy New Year 2024!
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