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Christian Brabandt

Oct 12, 2023, 3:50:41 PM10/12/23
to vim_an...@googlegroups.com, m...@256bit.org
Hello Vim users,

the current Vim homepage is more than 20 years old¹ and the homepage is
showing its age (and don't even look at the code).

So I am glad to announce, that together with our homepage maintainer
Marc, we have found a few motivated students from the FH Salzburg, that
will renovate and re-design our homepage as part of a university

The students are: Manuell Pross, Ismail Halili, Markus Fichtner, Hannes
Eckelt and Johannes Munker (BCC'ed): Team, welcome to the Vim-community.

Development will happen at the repository
https://github.com/vim/website_next_generation and Marc will create a
secondary web instance, where we all can see the progress and test out
the homepage.

The project will be mostly self-organized, so I'll encourage the team to
involve the community in case of open questions ("should it look like
this or rather like this?")

Feedback is very welcome, either at the mentioned Github repository or
at the vim-dev mailing lists. Please be nice and gentle, we are all
doing this for a nicer Vim web experience.

The project time will be limited, so I am not sure we will be able to
rebuild the while homepage, but let's see how far we come.

I am quite excited and very curious to see what this will look like.

Happy Vimming,
¹ https://web.archive.org/web/20020928164506/http://www.vim.org:80/

Letzte Worte von S. Spielberg bei den Dreharbeiten zum 'Weißen Hai':
"Tolles Modell, sieht aus wie echt."
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