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Bram Moolenaar

Mar 28, 2018, 6:47:38 AM3/28/18

Hello Vimmers,

The Vim website has been hosted on SourceForge for a long time.
It has had its up and downs. Two years ago it was taken over and put
under new management, you can read about that on Ars Technica:

Recently there was a long outage, related to a datacenter move.
This triggered looking for an alternative and we ended up with trying
out OSDN. Thanks to Christian Brabandt for doing this work!

So now we have two sites: on SourceForge on OSDN

Note that changes on will be wiped out, no matter what happens.
Please only forward the URL including this note!

It does look like SourceForge got better after the move. They now also
fully support https on our vhost. Note that the "www" prefix has
nothing to do with SourceForge, please ignore that for this discussion.

OSDN works a lot like SourceForge, but it's hosted in Japan. You might
notice a bit more latency. Otherwise I haven't heard anything negative
about OSDN.

We need to make a choice: Where shall we host

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