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Bram Moolenaar

Mar 20, 2012, 4:58:22 PM3/20/12

Hello Vim users,

Vim's charity has done well in 2011. Thank you all for contributing to
the lives of poor children in the south of Uganda!

Currently about 90 children are being sponsored. One-time donations
help many more children and support families in and around Kibaale with
medical assistance, health education and more.

The financial report can be found on the ICCF website: (English) (Dutch)

Currently we have more than a dozen children that have done very well in
secondary school and are now studying at university level. Since quality
of education has been going up many universities now require the
students to work on a computer. But most of our students don't have one
and struggle to use public computers, which slows down their studies

I have thought of collecting second-hand laptops, but sending them to
Uganda and getting them through customs is very difficult and expensive.
Therefore I am asking for money, so that we can buy the computers in
Uganda. This will also include a guarantee, laptops do break.

A laptop costs about $600. We need this for about 8 students. Assuming
a donation of $100, we need 48 Vim users to donate. Please help!
How to make a donation:

If you can't afford a cash donation and/or want to get some movies,
music, etc., please use the links on this page to buy at Amazon:

As a Vim user you might be interested to know that Monty Python and the
Holy Grail is finally available on blu-ray! Direct links:

Happy Vimming!

- Bram

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