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Bram Moolenaar

Dec 30, 2021, 3:39:57 PM12/30/21

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The work on Vim9 script is coming to a point where the syntax and
semantics are practially done. There might be some more tests
uncovering problems that need to be fixed and perhaps some tiny tweaks,
but otherwise it has been quite stable for the past months.

If you have remarks on something in Vim9 script that you think should be
different, speak up now! Soon we'll only make backwards compatible
changes to avoid breaking existing plugins.

The information about Vim9 script and many of the choices made can be
found in a recent build with ":help vim9". Or see it online (without

In a few days I will add the "vim9script" feature, so that plugins can
check for Vim9 script being supported and rely on it working. From that
moment Vim9 script needs to be backwards compatible!

This is not the end, I plan to add more features later. But these will
be backwards compatible. That is why some commands such as "class" and
"interface" have been reserved for future use.

I will now work on including remarks about the Vim9 syntax throughout
the help text.

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