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Dec 31, 2020, 7:17:00 AM12/31/20
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Happy 2021 and wish you all the very best. It looks like we may need more user friendly documents. At least a document that anyone can read to get the Digital Library (DL) up and running. I would like to work on such document. I need your help. I am using the AR150 (GL_AR150-b2d) and my goal is to get the DL online for testing. Here is what I have done so far:

Setting up the router

1) Flash the router with openwrt-Digital-Library-01-AR750-VER-1.0-RC3.2-AR750-ar750-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin
2) Connect to the DL as admin
3) Secure the DL a bit
  • change the default admin passwords
  • Change time zone
  • Change Passphrase (for Digital-Library and Digital-Library-Guest)
Setting up the USB drive (40GB+)
This is where the confusion starts. Remember my goal is to get the DL up and running in the simplest way possible. I would worry about adding/removing/adjusting stuff later on. I am assuming  I need to add the content of this page ( or usb zip file ( in the root of the USB drive. right?

Uploading the contents to the USB Drive
Here I would like to upload the basic library files (not the images) as described in the section of "The basic library image includes:" in this page ( Is there a script i need to use that would download the content to their respective locations in the USB drive? Do I need to download manually from oer2go?

"a basic library image has been developed containing some 40GB of content, largely drawn from the OER2GO website ( The library contains material with licences that allow free use." Would you please educate me where to download/access that 40GB content? That's a lot of data, is there a host i could FTP to to obtain the data?

Thanks for your assistance,
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