Privacy is dead - get over it

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Mar 27, 2010, 7:35:39 PM3/27/10
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As the spaceman repeatedly says, everything you do on the internet is
monitored. Well here it is shown that more than just the internet is

Privacy is Dead – Get over it

This speech of privacy expert Steven Rambam gives deep insight into
the possibilities of privacy invasion through tools that are freely
available on the internet. He gives examples of myspace, facebook,
blogs, etc. and also shows how companies like Google or even Domino’s
Pizza are using data-mining to get a profile of their customers. One
of my favorite quotes is, when he talks about the possibilities that
mobile phones offer for data collection:

“The iPhone uses both, GPS and Skyhook - you can’t hide – the only way
to hide from this is to take out the battery – oh, wait a second … you
can’t take the battery out of an iPhone!” [1:12:35]

This documentary is quite long – around 3 hours – but if you care just
a little bit about your privacy, it is worth every minute!


Apr 14, 2010, 10:38:38 AM4/14/10
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Thanks, dude, This looks *really good* !
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