Is it just me? Here we go Haiti.

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Jan 14, 2010, 11:24:45 AM1/14/10
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The numbers... on BBC Radio 4 - By the way - both of these interviews
were slotted into the 7:09am interview slot. This is one of the
hottest news spots - only second to the 8:10 interview.

Yesterday - A 7.0-magnitude earthquake has struck Haiti, the strongest
quake to hit the country for more than two centuries. Thousands of
people are feared dead and injured. Eyewitnesses say a hospital on the
outskirts of the capital, Port-au-Prince, has collapsed, along with
the presidential palace. Dr Roger Musson, head of seismic hazard at
the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh, examines the cause of the

At 2:09 minutes into the interview: "...last time I looked, there were
thirteen aftershocks.." - how lucky for him to have picked that time
to do his checking!

Today - Seventeen United Nations staff have been killed in the Haiti
earthquake. Another 150 personnel are still unaccounted for, including
the head of mission in the country. Pete Garrett, of the British Red
Cross, discusses how aid agencies are coping with the disaster.

At 5:23 in the interview "... thirteen of the largest aid agencies
are involved in the.." - you think that there are only thirteen aid
agencies involved? Somehow, this guy thinks that only the largest
thirteen of them are worth mentioning on the news.

On the face of it, who cares? A couple of guys, just picking random
times to count how many aftershocks, and deciding what number of aid
agencies to mention...

I am sure that there is more embedded in there... I humbly submit that
I am not as trained in spotting these as I could be.

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