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Jan 19, 2010, 10:49:51 PM1/19/10
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Hey, I noticed the rss feed on feedburner has good quality files back
into 08. I am looking to put together all the shows that have been
recorded into on place where they all have uniform file name format
and properties so they go into winamp or itunes to the same folder
every time.

I have found all the old shows on the yahoo group but they are varied
in quality and format.

How far back do the files on the feedburner feed go?

Any help would be appreciated. I run realitypeninsual.info and want
to make all the files be available for download from there.


Jan 30, 2010, 9:52:13 PM1/30/10
to ViewFromSpaceDiscussion
Hi - let's discuss this. I have just found the AVFS shows that I have
going back to the end of 2003, and a place to host them all would be
wonderful. Drop me a note, and we can figure out how to I was thinking
of popping them onto Google Docs as a public share, because I have
80GB from them for file storage. The 2004 shows are about 1GB, and the
subsequent years are about 2GB each.

I am going to put the shows onto google docs, until there is another
solution in place for the peeps.

Regarding the names and format, knock yourself out. There are several
(as you say formats), and I don't think that anyone on this list feels
strongly about what it should be, as long as it can be found by
correct album/artist/year tags.

I have all of the 2005/6/7/8 shows as well, I rip them, but have more
relied on other people to get it done!

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