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Jan 31, 2010, 6:23:34 AM1/31/10
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Hi guys - I have created a share folder for the VFS MP3s - and I have
started uploading them to it. The 2010 shows. I will slowly back fill
the shows until 2003 there.

I have also put a folder called "Extras" for other things that are not
from the show, but that folks might find interesting.

The folder is - http://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B7Fr61jNzGy-OGI5NTIwMzktMTNlNS00Yjc1LTllMGUtNTAyODVlMWI2MTBi&hl=en

Can you let me know (by email or group reply) if you think there is
value in making the folder writeable. That is, you can add/edit/delete
files. I don't have tons of space there, but that can be done.

By the way - re: the AVFS shows - Da researcher is now the main
ripper, he is carrying the flame that MK held for a few years - and he
rips the shows and seeds them on ConCen (http://tracker.concen.org/),
so those of you who have torrent access, if you can, join the torrent
cloud, in order to keep the info alive.

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