Global warming.

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Dec 4, 2009, 12:35:16 PM12/4/09
to ViewFromSpaceDiscussion,,
Over the last few days, there has been a lot of info and fluff
floating in the media about the control of information by various
groups (with respect to research about global warming) - CBC (the
current) had a show on it, etc. CBC also hosted some debates with
George mombiot (illuminati) and a few other people.
There was also a BBC programme A couple of months ago called "The
Great Climate Change Hijack"

Something is turning - either the climate change folks have fallen out
(of favour) with the news makers - or everyone is trying to get us
totally confused...

Now (today) - headline story at the bbc flagship current affairs
program has a headline - "Claims that researchers manipulated climate
change data are to be investigated by the UN's Intergovernmental Panel
on Climate Change (IPCC). Emails leaked from the Climate Research Unit
at the University of East Anglia suggest that data was enhanced to
challenge climate change sceptics. Reporter Simon Cox outlines the

You can listen to the report here -

And of course - another big study out of Denmark today - cellphones do
not cause cancer... I heard the headlines, and the chief scientist was
saying that 30 years of data was used. However, I dispute that. How
many people do you know who had cellphones before 1995? Before the
mid-1990's very few people had cellphones - and the cellular
technology and frequencies used were totally different (way lower than
today's) - never the less, the report is out there - and to me - it
looks like another fastball that's not a strike - being thrown at us.

I am not swinging at that one.


Dec 13, 2009, 2:11:59 AM12/13/09
much to the disdain on a lot of people, I dont use a cell phone, they are dangerous to the health, can be tracked via GPS, expensive and are a bloody nuisance.

When people ask me for my cell phone and I tell them I dont have one, they cant believe it... I tell them, they are expensive, cause a lot of unproductive time at work,  and if I have to pay the bill, I'll use a land line for free somewhere instead.  just another electronic leash to get hooked on... people seem incapacitated by not having them... I get along just fine without one...peaceful, gentle days and evenings....

try it sometime.. you might like it..just unplug for a week... evenings are wonderful... time to read, pray and actually talk to my wife.....

cheers.... Silverman..

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