Interactive, Web-based scenario modeling?

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Bryan Bishop

Jul 28, 2008, 5:48:20 PM7/28/08
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We have a project:
... for which we want to produce an interactive page that can calculate
the probability of various scenarios, based on user input. Here are
some requirements:

* Users can enter their estimates graphically.* For example, the user is
presented with a graph of a default Normal Distribution; the user can
either accept the default Normal Distribution, or can modify the Normal
Distribution by dragging it around or clicking on a pixel that he wants
the distribution to go through.

*Based on the users' estimates, the system calculates a probability
distribution for scenario outcomes and presents this final probability
distribution for the user.* Obviously we would write the code to do
these calculations ourselves, but the framework needs to allow us to
access the estimates that the user entered during the calculation.
**Users can share their estimates, and the results of their estimates,
with each other.* Initially this might just be a matter of saving the
final graph as a static graph, but ideally we'd want users to be able
to seamlessly share "the world according to me" (all of their
estimates, and the results of their estimates) with the rest of the

Does anyone know if there is Web-based software that meets some of these
requirements? Alternatively, is there an existing Web site that does
something similar already? (If so we might ask them what they're using.)

Our current implementation is SVG + javascript.

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