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Wild Willy

May 18, 2022, 7:43:19 PMMay 18
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This forum is littered with requests for help that go something like this.  There is a request for help.  Somebody responds.  Then nothing.  Did the response solve the problem?  Was it completely useless?  Something in between?  I have no idea.

Well, I'm done with that.  I am not going to help anybody until I have a pledge that you are going to continue the conversation.  You are the one with the problem.  You are the one asking for help.  It is on you to participate in the resolution of your problem. Nobody else can fix your problem.  Only you can fix your problem.  I'm willing to help you, but only you can actually fix your problem.  So if you come in here asking for help, before I help you, I am going to insist on a written promise from you that you will participate in an ongoing conversation to resolve your problem.

Why can I have this attitude?  Because I don't work for VDH.  I am just another user, like you and nearly everybody else who posts here.  I'm doing all of this as an unpaid volunteer.  That doesn't make me some kind of hero.  I'm not even looking for your thanks.  I get my jollies from knowing that I helped you solve your problem.  But I'm tired of wasting my time.

As part of the evidence that you are willing to participate in the resolution of your problem, I expect you to post a proper problem report.  You can find out how to post one of those by clicking this link.


Then do a string search on "problem report" in there.  You will find 2 links.  Click them both & read what you find there.  Then follow the advice you've read.  So click that link. Then click F3.  Then type "problem report" (without the quotation marks) into the search field.  Then hit Enter.  You'll find what I'm referring to.

There's a couple of other things that need to be put out in the open.  I suspect that people drop their help requests on here & then don't bother following up because they think the advice being offered will take too much time to follow.  Something along the lines of, "I don't have time to read all of that."  No no no no no no no no.  You think you can come in here expecting other people to spend time trying to figure out your problem but you aren't going to spend any time on it?  That's not how it works.  It is your problem after all.  That means it's up to you to spend time fixing it.  If you expect other people to spend time helping you, you have to spend even more time than they do working on your problem.  Your problem.  It is your problem.  Don't forget that. There's a good chance the help you need is already here.  If you were too lazy to make an attempt to find that help that's already here, you have to at least click whatever links I might give you & read those.  It's highly probable that you are not the first person to encounter the problem you are having.  Take advantage of the solutions that are already here.  Be willing to spend the time it takes to solve your own problem, especially if somebody here is willing to help you.

Then there's the people who say, "I'm not tech savvy."  Again, that's a crock & I'm not accepting it.  You were sufficiently tech savvy to get a computer.  You were sufficiently tech savvy to figure out how to get online.  You were sufficiently tech savvy to install a web browser.  You were sufficiently tech savvy to figure out how to install VDH.  You were sufficiently tech savvy to find this forum.  You were sufficiently tech savvy to figure out how to post your request for help here.  All of that makes you sufficiently tech savvy to participate in the resolution of your problem.  Don't tell me you're not tech savvy.  When I see someone saying that, I think the person saying it is telling me I should treat you like a helpless baby.  That I should just hand you a pat solution to your problem & poof magic your problem will be gone with no effort on your part.  Not.  So leave your fear of tech outside the door.  You're here.  That makes you sufficiently tech savvy to follow whatever advice you get here.  All you have to be able to do is read & be willing to take the time to understand what you read.  Having trouble understanding? Ask questions.  But make the effort or I will not put in any effort either.

I intend this post to be the only one in this thread.  Do not post any responses here. This is not the place where we will pursue problem resolution.  I am going to start responding to help requests by simply posting the URL to this thread.  I will expect you to reply in the original thread, not here.  So go back to your original thread & click the Reply all button at the bottom of that other thread.  Not here.  Over there.  Click Reply all.  Do not click Reply to author.  That is not how you continue a thread.  You continue a thread by clicking Reply all.  Show me your proper problem report.  Pledge to continue the conversation.  Over in your original thread, not here.  Put it in writing.  I want some assurance you are not just dropping another drive-by request for help.  I'm not getting into any more one & done situations.  Show me you're serious & I'll help you.  Go back to your original thread & click the Reply all button.  Now, off you go.
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