I purchased a license, but I cannot download videos now

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Sep 21, 2023, 3:43:29 AM9/21/23
to Video DownloadHelper Q&A
I purchased a license, but I cannot download videos after reinstalling my computer. What should I do?

Wild Willy

Sep 21, 2023, 5:04:58 AM9/21/23
to Video Download Helper Google Group
There are 2 identical problem reports that have just been posted. I'm going to post this
response here & tell the other user to come here & read this.

We need a better problem report than that. To learn how to post a proper problem report,
click here:


Be sure you carefully read the first 2 paragraphs there. Once you have read that, you
can check out the references within that web page that I am about to give you. But don't
just find the relevant link & click it. READ the context around the link. I recommend
you bookmark that link & read the entire page, if not now, if not in one sitting, bit by
bit over time.

Unsuspecting users have been caught out by a rather stupid design choice made by Google.
The way thread pages are displayed here is controlled by a symbol that appears in the
upper right part of every discussion page of Google Groups, the page I cite above being
but one among the thousands of examples. Actually, some shorter pages don't have it.
But almost all pages do. The symbol looks like an upside down V above a V. Or it looks
like a V above an upside down V. Hover your mouse over that to make a tooltip appear.
Then click the symbol. Then keep hovering there to see how the tooltip changes. Click
the symbol a few times to get an idea of what it does. You want that symbol to look like
a V above an upside down V. If it's the other way, click the symbol. Once it looks like
a V above an upside down V, then you'll be able to read the thread. Why that thing even
exists is beyond me. I point all this out because every so often, somebody doesn't know
about this & it makes my advice here seem baffling. It's not baffling. Google Groups is
baffling. This is how to make it all make sense.

You find a reference on that web page by searching the text of that page using various
search keys. The search keys I am suggesting are these:

problem report
stealth quote
short tutorial
using gmail to post here

Next, look for "problem report" within the text of that web page. That will give you a
link. Click that, read what you find, & follow the advice. It's not good enough to just
name a web site. Help those who would help you by specifying URLs of particular web
pages on which you are finding content that you are having trouble downloading. I know
I'm not about to scrounge around on some site I've never heard of to see if maybe I can
find something that does or does not work. Make it easy for me to help you.

Next, look for "stealth quote" within the text of that web page. That will give you
another link to click. Click that, read what you find, & follow the advice, not just for
your posts in this thread, not just for your posts in this forum, but for your posts
anywhere on Google Groups.

Next, look for "short tutorial" within the text of that web page. That explains why your
response here will use the Reply all button. It also explains why you will NOT use the
Reply to author button.

Next, look for "using gmail to post here" within the text of that web page. That will
give you a couple of links to read, at least one of which is sure to apply to you. Even
if you don't use GMail, even if you use another E-mail tool to post here, even if you
don't post here via E-mail, what it says there about how to construct posts to the group
applies to you no matter how you post here. If you ignore the advice in that reference,
you will appear to be rude. You don't want to be rude, do you?

These last 3 references deal with how to post in this forum . . . any Google Group,
really. It has long been my belief -- and I do admit it is a belief, backed only by
circumstantial evidence -- that sometimes the Google bots censor posts whose signal to
noise ratio is too small. By that I mean that the size of the text you are adding is
much smaller than the size of the text you are quoting. You probably don't even realize
you are quoting anything. Google does make it difficult to see that you are quoting
previous posts. You may even be quoting an astonishingly large amount, many times as
much as what you want to post. What you quote may even take you close to or over the 8M
limit on the size of a single post, especially when what you are quoting contains images.
So it is imperative that you read those 3 references & always follow the advice given

In addition to the problem report as I describe it above, we need to see pictures of what
you are doing. Screenshots. Do NOT describe what happens in words. Show screenshots.
These are what we need:

A screenshot of the page (whose URL you posted in your problem report as I describe it
above) showing the video & showing the VDH icon on the toolbar of the browser window. I
don't accept, "But it happens on every page." Pick one page & show us that.

A screenshot of what you get after you click the VDH icon. If the VDH menu is
scrollable, show as many screenshots as you need to show each page of the VDH menu.

A screenshot of whatever it is you do next.

Continue with more screenshots until you reach the point of failing to download the

We need to pretend like one of us is standing behind you watching over your shoulder what
you're doing. What you reported so far is contrary to my experience so you need to show
me -- don't tell me -- show me what you are doing & what happens.

If your post has a stealth quote, I will ignore you. I have given advice above for how
to avoid stealth quoting. I expect you to read EVERYTHING I've posted here plus
EVERYTHING I've told you to go read. Read it ALL. Follow that advice. ALL of it. If
you skip any of it, it will tell me that you are the type of person who ignores advice.
That means I will not offer any further advice until you follow the advice I have already
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