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M Harrison

Jan 30, 2023, 1:50:11 PMJan 30
to Video DownloadHelper Q&A
Can anyone please help with this URL https://bodyelectric.byhealthmeans.com/expert/rashid-a-buttar/? I can only download an .mp3 file, but a video is clearly showing.

Wild Willy

Jan 30, 2023, 6:41:41 PMJan 30
to Video Download Helper Google Group

When I visit that page, I get what you can see in the attached image. I can't get into
the page itself because of the login prompt that you can see in the image. But VDH had
managed to recognize some things on that page. The variant I've indicated with the arrow
appears to be whatever video is on that page, even though I can't play it on the page
because I don't have & am not about to get an ID for this site.

I did go ahead & download the indicated video since it was only 7 seconds in duration.
It turned out to not have any audio. So I then downloaded the MP3 you can see at the top
of the VDH menu in my attached image. These 2 files played synchronously in VLC without
a problem. However, at only 7 seconds, it's pretty obvious that I had only a fragment of
what's really there. Maybe you can get more if you actually have login credentials for
the site.
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