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Mike Wills

Nov 28, 2022, 6:42:25 AM11/28/22
to Video DownloadHelper Q&A
Hi folks,
I use VDH quite a bit, love it!  My one frustration is that when I'm doing a download or download & convert, my only way of checking status is to do the pulldown on the browser icon, then click on the badge for the running job. 

And if I leave that pulled-down display showing, then click in any other window, it goes away.

Is there any way to have the status of ongoing downloads & converts always showing, or at least until manually closed?


Wild Willy

Nov 28, 2022, 9:20:24 AM11/28/22
to Video Download Helper Google Group
This is a request that people keep putting forward. It seems like it would be a popular
feature. When you are starting a download, the file selection dialog can be in its own
window. It stays open while you switch to other tasks. You can come back to it after a
bit & complete the initiation of the download. It would seem well within technical
feasibility to do something similar with the blue dot status menu. Come on, Michel.
We've asked for this very often. Let's see it. Such a feature would be worth a new

While you're at it, let this persistent window include completed downloads. While
they're in progress, display their status. When they complete, keep them in the same
window. Leave it to the user to manually delete them from the status window.

Taking it even further, let the status of completed downloads persist in this proposed
window across browser sessions. I understand that you can't persist an incomplete
download across browser sessions. You are unable to resume an interrupted download from
its point of failure. That's an old discussion we closed a long time ago. But for
completed downloads, it wouldn't be hard for you to carry that information in a way that
would allow a user to reopen the status window in a new browser session & have it show
downloads completed in prior sessions. Leave it to the user to remove entries from this
window. It eats up resources. So? We want this feature. We'll devote the necessary
resources to it. Don't worry about that. Let us have this.

I could even make the case that if a new browser session starts & completed download
status from previous sessions exists, automatically open this proposed VDH status window.
Don't let any newbie user forget that this status information is accumulating. If you
don't do this, inexperienced or infrequent users will be surprised to find that this
information is accumulating. So head the problem off before it occurs. Automatically
open the download status window so users know the information is accumulating. No, don't
provide another setting to enable or disable this. Make it mandatory. The other stuff
above might be under user settings but this one should not be.

Nov 29, 2022, 2:34:00 AM11/29/22
to Video DownloadHelper Q&A
I take note, thanks for the feedback.
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