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Greg Jefferis

Aug 7, 2022, 8:17:02 AM8/7/22
to VFB support
Hi Rob,

I know the autocomplete is hairy but sometimes I don't quite get the order that things appear. For example here I am trying to search for DA2 glomerulus.

* I have to type the whole of glomerulus for the term to appear
* when I go from "DA2 " to "DA2 g" I start seeing muscles which don't have a g in their name …

Is this something we can work on? Not the end of the world, but core functionality that will still looks odd to end users.




David Osumi-Sutherland

Aug 7, 2022, 8:57:17 AM8/7/22
to Greg Jefferis, VFB support
Hi Greg,

I agree not ideal. My group is working on autosuggest tuning on other projects, so seems like a good time to revisit, maybe as part of joint meeting.  

For this specific issue, I thought that adding the nervous system filter would help (there’s a good case that this should be the default), but that didn’t help either 

It looks to me like there’s some more fundamental issue with tuning.  I would have expected the second word to start being used in autosuggest from 3 characters in, but it actually requires typing the whole word

Is there an easy fix for this?


Hi Rob,




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