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Gavin Schelske

Jun 5, 2022, 8:18:05 PM6/5/22
Hello, I just want to say the Drosophila database that has been collected is amazing and I appreciate all of the work that's being done for connectomics and this labor intensive mapping.  The VFB interactive tool is super useful and exciting to use!  And also the APIs for utilizing the data in Python.

I had a couple questions, I noticed that there was a workshop not long ago discussing the progress made and I'd love to join future workshops like this one presented here: Introduction to connectomic data and tools.  I have an engineering background and am very interested in this work.  Also, is there a plan to understand and connect neuron grouping with functionality?  For example, being able to select all neurons that process all things vision.  Thank you!  I'm looking forward to future progress for mapping the Drosophila brain as well as more complex animals in the future!


Alex McLachlan

Jun 7, 2022, 7:25:13 AM6/7/22
to VFB support
Hi Gavin,

Thanks for contacting us. We have added you to our list of potential future attendees and will contact you if we run another workshop appropriate for you. For finding neurons with functions in a given system you can search for "X system neuron". For example "auditory system neuron [FBbt_00110127]" or "olfactory system neuron [FBbt_00007697]". For your example you can try "visual system neuron", which returns the following:,ListAllAvailableImages.

Hopefully this helps.


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