Rocky Mountains Trip -- Rene -- Part II

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Rene Zillmann

Aug 6, 2018, 10:45:52 AM8/6/18

part 2 now, no fish....

Our next stop was north of Valemount, Tete Jaune Lodge Campground. A
nice, really nice site. Located on the Frazer river, excellent service,
best washroom I've seen. Fast running river, could not wade.. Tried to
fish the river from the campground, difficult to cast due to trees and
bushes. We tried some olive bugger, Klinkhammer without success.
However, on the opposite side we have seen an easy access and also some
gavel banks. But we could not test it. Excellent dinner in the
restaurant on the campground.

The next stop was on the Lucerne campground in the Mt. Robson Park,
'close' to Jasper. Only basic service there, just some outhouses, and a
ticker with well water - do not drink - at the entry. However, we have
been prepared, so we had the freshwater tanks in our RVs full, and the
black/grey tanks empty..

Great scenery, the Yellowhead lake is a gem, and might hold some large
trout. But some people swimming in it. We tried it later with some
bugger, but no success. On the 2nd day we found a further, really nice
spot, some deep holes. But,.... wile looking around we did see some
tracks with long claws, we were sure 1 hour ago some bears had been
there. Strange feeling.... We finished fishing not much later and for
some odd reasons we refused to return to the spot later on the evening.
I'm used to be at the end of the food chain, not somewhere in the middle.

On the next day my BC license did expire.

That's the end of the story, as mentioned, we didn't catch any more fish
- but had an exciting time there. The remaining days brought us back to
Vancouver, some more nice campgrounds, a great evening in Vancouver and
a very comfortable flight back.


Allan Fish

Aug 6, 2018, 10:56:33 AM8/6/18
to, Rene Zillmann
What a great sounding trip and what a relief to know all is well.

Very best to you and  your family.

Allan Fish
Greenwood, IN

Rick Zieger

Aug 6, 2018, 11:04:45 AM8/6/18
Glad you had fun.


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