Send Response to the Routing Context from a Kafka Consumer

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Dilan Sankalpa

Jun 21, 2022, 1:08:55 AMJun 21
to vert.x
Hi All,

I am implementing a Vertx microservice Rest API which produce some orders to a Kafka Topic (Topic A). These orders are processed by another process (Processing Engine) who consume these messages and it writes the result to another Kafka Topic (Topic B). The Vertx Process should consume the result by listening to (Topic B) and send the response to the initial order in the same Routing Context. The Rest API should produce the message to Topic A and send the response to the request after receiving the result from the consumer listening to Topic B.

I am planning to use Vertx provided vertx-kafka-client and KafkaProducer/KafkaConsumer.
Is there any Vertx provided implementation for this kind of request response mechanism or any recommended design ?
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