Relationship between team and scope?

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James Jenner

Dec 18, 2014, 4:08:51 AM12/18/14
Hi Peoples,

I'm currently using node.js to write a html5 based dashboard to display all sorts of metrics, including VersionOne. 

I've sorted how to retrieve all the sprint metrics for a specific team in a timebox. However the query requires the user to know the exact team name.

My solution is to provide the user with a list of teams, queried from VersionOne. To do this I need to filter based on project (scope). In the VersionOne UI you can see this when in Sprint Planning -> Detail Planning. This lets the user specify the project (in our case, several levels deep) and then the Teams listed are a manageable and relevent list (I should note that our company has an inordinate amount of teams).

So how do I get from team to scope?

I thought it may be ScopeLabels, but I must be querying it incorrectly as I get the following error if I add it in my query:

ERROR: <Error href="/XXXXXX/rest-1.v1/Data/Team?where=&amp;sel=Name%2CDescription%2CNow%2CScopeLabels"><Message>Invalid SEL parameter</Message><Exception class="VersionOne.MetaException"><Message>Unknown token: ScopeLabels</Message></Exception><Exception class="VersionOne.MultipleException"><Message>(1) Unknown AttributeDefinition: Team.ScopeLabels
(2) Unknown token: ScopeLabels</Message></Exception></Error>

The error may be specific to the VersionOne API for node.js, however it's due to querying incorrect info. When running the query via the browser, I get data back like the following:

<Asset href="/XXXXXX/rest-1.v1/Data/Team/1033" id="Team:1033">
<Attribute name="AssetType">Team</Attribute>
<Attribute name="TargetVelocityPeriod">1 Weeks</Attribute>
<Attribute name="TargetVelocityValue"/>
<Relation name="SecurityScope"/>
<Attribute name="Description"/>
<Attribute name="Name">QuickSilver</Attribute>
<Attribute name="AssetState">128</Attribute>
<Attribute name="SecurityScope.Name"/>
<Attribute name="Ideas"/>

I know it's just before Christmas, so I appreciate any clues that may help me resolve this issue.


Sean McCrohan

Dec 18, 2014, 10:33:36 AM12/18/14



The important thing to remember about the Team asset type in VersionOne is that it is really a container for workitems. Teams do not themselves have a relationship to Scope – a team can include workitems from many scopes. However, you CAN query for teams that include workitems within a given scope:




If you want to also include teams that work on items in projects that are children of the selected scope, then you want:




Depending on how you’re using this, you may want to limit this to only considering workitems that are currently open:


/rest-1.v1/Data/Team?where=Workitems[AssetState!= 'Closed'].Scope.ParentMeAndUp='Scope:0'


Or ones that are in the timebox you’re interested in:




Sean McCrohan

V1 Developer

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James Jenner

Dec 21, 2014, 8:06:38 PM12/21/14

Hi Sean,

Thanks for your reply, reminded me of some previous discussions I've had about the internal workings of teams.

My problem is that our company has an inordinate amount of teams. Our company has each development area setup in a hierarchical project (scope) structure, such that users always apply a filter that is approx. three levels deep in the project (scope) hierarchy. 

Then when the user selects a team, the teams appear to be filtered somehow.

For example, when I go to the Sprint Planning -> Sprint Scheduling section, I have a project selected. When I choose the Teams drop down, it's 'filtered' to show teams that appear to be relevant to the selected project.

I'm curious as to how this is done. 

The purpose of this is more a convenience. I can force people to type in the name of a team, and then I can look it up and validate. However it would be nice to show a list of teams. Problem is we just have far too many teams to display, I need to filter. So I could let the user select a project and then filter to teams. 

I've played around with the Version One UI and realised that the link I'm looking for may be the Schedule. If I choose a higher level project (scope) then I'm informed that there is no sprint schedule. Looking at the relationships it appears that I could go from Scope to Schedules and from Schedules to Rooms. Timebox is also related to Schedules. 

Maybe I could just show a list of teams and have a drop down searchable list, that may be just as workable and easier to implement.


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