Vero VR N7500 Dual Radio Band

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Welcome and please feel free to help.   Documents Here  DOCUMENTS 

VERO VR-N7500 50W Dual Band Mobile Radio With APP Programming
You can download the manual as is and send in adjustments as it's a working live document with findings of guidance for all.
New and existing users will find the great depths that this radio has built in to it, so that new ideas for the radio can be suggested.
With the features found so far I have put in the best settings for the radio that work for me.

All additions from others on the radio will be added to the manual and will have reference to their support.

So far it's early days in learning what the software can do and will develop over time, enjoy the radio, use the network, speak to others and communicate.

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You can email me on EMAIL if your having access difficulties.

Documentation that I have collated to help others are here   DOCUMENTS