LetsEncrypt certificates with webhooks

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Tom Allen

Dec 15, 2021, 2:12:39 PM12/15/21
to vernemq-users
I have an authentication webhook via SSL, encrypted with a letsencrypt certificate.  Does anyone have a working snippet for webhook configuration?  I get:

tls_alert,{unknown_ca,"TLS client: In state certify at ssl_handshake.erl:1895 generated CLIENT ALERT: Fatal - Unknown CA\n"}

The webhook call works from same system with curl.

André Fatton

Dec 15, 2021, 2:23:19 PM12/15/21
to vernemq-users
Hi Tom,

This clearly looks like this issue: https://github.com/vernemq/vernemq/issues/1901
It's a specific issue with Letsencrypt certs and Erlang/OTP.

You can do 2 things: build VerneMQ yourself with an Erlang version >; or wait for the new binary packages (1.12.4) that should be out in a couple days.

Here's a blog post on the issue: https://blog.voltone.net/post/30

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