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Bill Shupp

Oct 5, 2015, 4:15:22 PM10/5/15
to VegaDNS
Hi folks,

Today I released VegaDNS 0.13.0, which you can find here:


* 0.13.0 10/5/2015
    - Brian Hartvigsen
        - Added A+PTR support

    - Bill Shupp
        - Fixed bug where errorInfo() is called on the wrong object on exports
          upon query failure
        - Added validation for CNAME record values to avoid empty values
        - create_tables.php did not have the current "val" column size for
          records and default_records tables
        - Fixed lack of IPv4 dotted decimal support in ipv4_to_octal() function
        - Added optional mysql session handling to support load balancing.  See
          $use_mysql_sessions in src/config.php.
        - Upgraded smarty from 2.6.26 to 2.6.28 to get security fixes
        - Upgraded Net_IPv6 to 1.2.2b2 to get invalid character fix
        - Updated validate_domain_name() regex to be more specific
        - Added optional $vegadns_generation_txt_record in config.php for
          monitoring data set version in VegaDNS and tinydns.  Unset by default.
        - Update copyrights again
        - Records - use fixed table layout, wrap address/values - GH Issue #19

This has a number of bug fixes, and is recommended.  It also has a couple of new features, like MySQL session support in case you need to load balance your VegaDNS web servers.  It also adds the ability to monitor the version content of your tinydns server via a TXT record (see $vegaDNS_generation_txt_record in the config).

Please report any issue to the GitHub issues page or to this list.



Pablo Murillo

Oct 20, 2015, 2:22:15 PM10/20/15
to VegaDNS

I installed de new version on MySQL 5.6.26 and PHP 5.6.12
I found few bugs on src/domains.php, the new MySQL don´t allow NO numerical values on numerical fields
The variables must be initialized to 0 no to empty string
The variables can´t be quoted

250 $owner_id = '';
251 $group_owner_id = '';

266 '$group_owner_id',

Must be

250 $owner_id = 0;
251 $group_owner_id = 0;

266 $group_owner_id,

I don´t know if this is the right place to contribut
Sorry my english !

Bill Shupp

Oct 20, 2015, 2:24:14 PM10/20/15
Thanks for the report, Pablo!  I'll try to confirm and get fixed soon.



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