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Dimitar Dimitrov

Apr 6, 2017, 7:11:01 AM4/6/17
to VegaDNS
As recently there are trends to introduce more and more IDN domains (for example нит.бг for bulgarian domain) do you plan to support them in VegaDNS 2?
Or may be you support them already. 
I'm using VegaDNS 0.X (0.13.2 in the moment) more than 10 years and I'm quite happy with it.
If you plan to implement this I would suggest to use an equivalent to php idn_to_ascii function when you validate and export data, but to keep the domain in normal text in the database.
If I'm not wrong the equivalent codec in python is encode('punycode')

Bill Shupp

Apr 7, 2017, 2:03:33 PM4/7/17
Currently the ASCII version is supported, not the unicode version (I believe this is the case for 0.13.2 as well, I haven't tested it recently, but the validation regexes should be the same).  Perhaps one thing we could do is enable unicode in search, or an optional display helper.  I think ascii is what's used in DNS and with registrars, not unicode.



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