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Jun 7, 2017, 5:57:05 PM6/7/17
>Hi all,


Just stumbled across Veejay in my search to find a usable piece of VJ software for live performance.
>I'm mostly down to either Veejay or Lives now, but I'm a little confused about how to smoothly
>transition between clips in Veejay. Is there any documentation about this or a list of tutorials
>somewhere I could take a look at?
>I'm particularly confused by the idea of the FX chain being clip specific - in Lives, the effects
>are simply applied to whatever the main clip on the screen is, and I'm trying to replicate that functionality.

check this recent feature request ;-)

>As far as transitions go, I've gotten as far as applying a mixing effect and hitting the
>transition button with the "switch clips after transition" button, but I was wondering if
>there was a way to slow down the transition a bit (or even do it manually - when I tried
>dragging the bar myself with the switch clips button pressed I got a weird flickering between
>a bunch of samples effect), and I'm not at all clear on what all of the buttons immediately
>to the left of the transition bar do.

Did you try the Input box "Fx chain fade duration" down to the cursor ?

>My last questions for now (I'm sure I'll think of more) are about the MIDI functionaliy.
>I couldn't figure out a way to toggle the state of an effect, so I needed to use two buttons
>per effect - one for on and one for off. Is this avoidable?

You have a vims control for toogle fx state ... you be doable somehow.

I: VIMS selector 377 'Enable / disable effect on current entry'

have a look to "$ veejay -u" if you don't know...

>Also, when I tried using the
>mapped midi buttons, they work, but I noticed that the reloaded gui doesn't update until
>I actually click on the part that was changed by the midi input. I'm assuming this is because
>the midi commands are getting sent directly to the server, but I was wondering if there was
>some way to get the reloaded client to automatically update as midi inputs change things
>on the server.

Feature request ? ;-)


Veejay docs is a bit everywhere ! veejayhq / source code / this mailing list /....

Have fun ... and don't hesitate to share some results :-)
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